Who We Are

BFF is a fast growing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists with the help of volunteers and donations to equip and encourage Southern California young people and their families to live lives of real value and significance through our legal advocacy and support services. BFF offers three programs: Hope4Families, Aspire Supplemental Education, At-Risk for Success.

Hope4Families is our Special Education Law firm for special needs children and their families. Our service of advocacy, counsel and litigation are free of cost to our clients.

Aspire Supplemental Education is our special needs and general education intensive educational therapy and tutoring program that we offer at no cost to our students´┐Ż families.

At-Risk for Success is our business principles and entrepreneurship course for at-risk young people of color, with an emphasis on young men, that keeps them off the streets, out of jail and filled with hope for a better future.

Board of Directors

Conley M. Broome - Principal Partner, OJM Productions
James Higgins - President, Quite Mind Project
Rikke Van Johnson - Councilman, City of San Bernardino
Rudy Johnson III - President and CEO, Neighborhood House Association
Lynetta McElroy - Special Education Advocate
Gregory L. McNair - Chief Business and Compliance Counsel for Los Angeles Unified School District, and Former Superintendent for Charter Schools for LAUSD
Margaret J. McNair - Special Education Law Attorney
Courtney J. McNair - Special Needs Educator, Aspire Public Schools
Rachel K. McNair - Educator, Institute for Reading Development