Aspire Supplemental Education - is subject content mobile - special education instruction that supplements lessons provided to special education students during their school day.

David A. Broome Summer Business Institute - Using a research based curriculum, we encourage and inspire high school students of color to be sound decision makers and positive contributors to the urban communities in which they live.

Aspire Supplemental Education

Aspire Supplemental Education is a State of California certified Non-Public Agency providing instruction in individual and group settings, after school and on weekends, and at various locations. Our exceptionally qualified instructors provide services to special needs students and at all levels of academic achievement.

Aspire uses the Teach for America model, recruiting from the best and brightest to help our clients. Aspire instructors have graduated from some of the best higher-education institutions in the United States.

Instruction is specially crafted for each student. Our instructors, collaborating with parents/guardians and teachers, establish education goals and objectives for each student. They then create an individualized instruction plan for each student specifically tailored to achieve the goals and objectives.


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David A. Broome Summer Business Institute

We take pride in empowering, encouraging and creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs of color to learn what it takes to create a viable business model. The David A. Broome Summer Business Institute was the passion of the late David A. Broome, whose unwavering faith in the young people that populate under-served areas all over Southern California, led him to believe that with the right mentorship these young people could be future contributors to their communities.p>

Having recognized the need for Black and Latino youths to develop digital literacy and an entrepreneurial mindset and the need to provide technology to address the technology gap, the Broome Family Foundation started the David A. Broome Summer Business Institute in 2011. The Summer Business Institute combines instruction in web development with project based entrepreneurship curriculum to teach Black and Latino youths digital literacy and instill entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, the students who complete the program receive a laptop computer free of charge. Supporting the Summer Business Institute will give young people of color opportunity by:

1. Providing a quality STEM learning experience. Each student will be assigned a laptop computer on the first day of the program that will be used in class for research, web development, and business plan development. The students will be introduced to STEM careers by guest speakers.
2. Exposing them to crucial skills that determine success in today's dynamic workplaces. Using project-based and Common Core Standards-aligned curriculum, we teach our students: to work independently and collaboratively to recognize a problem or opportunity, to develop a plan to solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity, and business plan implementation. In the process, they improve their writing skills as they create a business plan, math skills as they calculate return on investment, and their technological skills because each plan will include a web development component.
3. Introducing them to a college environment. Our partners, the University of Southern California and University of California at Los Angeles, will provide facilities for classroom instruction on their campuses. Providing classes on college campuses will not only allow the students to experience the college campus environment, but it will also allow them to leave their day-to-day and often negative or unconducive environments.
4. Alleviating summer learning loss. Studies show that the primary cause of the achievement gap between students of color and white students is summer learning loss. On average students of color lose more than 2 months English and math due to a lack of quality summer learning opportunities.

During the 2014 Summer Business Institute 30 young men between the ages of 14 and 18, met every Saturday at the University of Southern California to learn how to brainstorm business ideas, to draft strategic plans, and to calculate returns on investments. They each created their own business plan, including an idea for a specific product or service, its ideal market and selling location, and funding and financial outlook. For most of these future leaders, this was the first time they ever considered that being small business owners was even a possibility, while others learned how to take their ideas to the next level. To see the class outline,
click here.

The Summer Business leaders were taught by business leaders from around the Los Angeles area and were taken on field trips to see how successful small businesses operate. The exuberance and passion of these young men grew, and many of the local business leaders commented on how that motivation was passed on to them. To see pictures of Summer Business Institute activities, click here.

At the culmination, Summer Business Institute leaders had the chance to present their individual business plans. Local business leaders (as well as parents, friends and guests) listened as each future entrepreneur showed the skills they gained and the business concepts they created. Each student received a laptop computer loaded with the Microsoft 7 Professional operating system and full suite of Microsoft Office 2007 software. The local business leaders evaluated the quality of the written business plans and accompanying presentations, and in addition to the laptops, the students with the four best business plans and presentations received special awards, with the first-place student receiving the top award. To see a copy of the business plan the judges identified as the best plan, please click here.

The overall impact of the Summer Business Institute was evaluated by analyzing demand, retention rates, and evaluations received from leaders, parents, and local business leaders who participated in the program. Evaluation highlights include:

Demand: More than 100 applications received for 30 seats.

Retention Rates: 85% of the leaders completed the 9 week program.

Leader Evaluations:

> 100% of leaders said that "program instructors inspired me to 'think big' in terms of what I can accomplish in my career and life."

> 90% of leaders said "the program instructors gave me practical tools to use in developing my creative ideas into a business plan."

Parent Evaluations: 100% of parents would apply for the program if it was offered again.

Local Business Leader Evaluations:

> 95% of local business leaders said the student leaders demonstrated a high level of poise during their presentations.

> 100% of local business leaders said that student leaders demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in math and English.

The David A. Broome Summer Business Institute would not have been possible without the generosity of our supporters The Los Angeles Clippers Foundation, Wells Fargo and individual contributors.

Looking towards the future, we will expand programming, bringing future leaders the support they need.